Check out the following video abaout the latest piece about the climate change:

Something catches my eye

Could be an ad in a newspaper, a photograph in an old National Geographic

Could be a post in Facebook, a postcard from a faraway place

Could be a familiar object in my room, suddenly looking animated

and trying to get my attention


I see the mournful eyes, the determination in the face

I see the interesting way the object becomes alive with purposefulness

Sometimes it is the striking composition

Other times it is the ambiance


When I decide to paint from it, I never know for sure why

I think of the sketch lines I might create with my blind contour technique,

but I have no clue how it really comes out as a whole


When I look at the source intently to draw from,

I make an emotional connection with it

While I don’t have any attachment to what I am actually drawing,

I feel so free to appreciate what I am seeing


I make sure the lines stay eloquent while I work with colors and shapes

Then I begin to understand why I picked this source, why I wanted to paint it

The story starts to emerge

Things start to make sense


It seems backward

But that is how it works for me; I paint to discover